Vineyard Diary


We want to thank our clients for a successful conclusion to the unique 2010 growing season.  The grapes eventually all ripened, and we were able to find homes for all but a few specimens which got taken out by the fall rains.  We enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces again as well as meeting some new people:  in 2010, we provided grapes for a total of 3 commercial wineries and 8 home winemakers.  We sincerely hope that we’ve provided the raw material for some stellar wines that will show well in competitions and, more importantly, in the glass.  A special thanks to those who brought us samples of your past efforts with Shaker Ridge grapes:  we always enjoy these, and have been blown away by some very impressive wines. 

As usual, we will take the down time afforded by the off-season to recuperate from the season’s toils as well as re-think our operations and see what might do differently or better.  We tentatively plan to post 2011 pricing and begin taking orders for next season in January, 2011.