Current Grape Availability as of 3-17-17

mount Still Available for Sale (tons) Expected Optimal Harvest Time Price ($)/lb

(>1000 lb/ < 1000 lb)

Barbera SOLD OUT*** Early-Mid Sept 0.95/1.00
Primitivo 0.5 Early Sept 0.95/1.00
Tempranillo* SOLD OUT Early Sept 1.00
Quinta** SOLD OUT Mid-Late Sept 1.05/1.20
 Touriga* SOLD OUT*** Mid-Late Sept 1.00/1.10

*Non-Quinta=Portugese varietals not part of Quinta field.  250-lb minimum waived for this lot; 200 lbs only.

**The Quinta = touriga nacional, tempranillo, tinta cao, souzao, tinta amarela

***Wait list requests accepted

Comments about 2017 Grape Availability:  Demand has been brisk among our existing commercial clients, leaving only the limited tonnages shown for sale.  We do anticipate additional primitivo availability–potentially 2 tons or more–and 2 or more tons of additional barbera are also possible based on decisions we make about the farming and the vicissitudes of the season.  Finally, a small amount of touriga (0.5 ton or less) may also become available, depending on yield.  The Quinta is committed in its entirety and so there will be no opportunity for surplus there.

The bottom line is that if you are interested in our grapes beyond the limited current postings, we encourage you to contact us and get on a waiting list, as it’s likely we’ll be able to commit additional fruit once we see fruit set and can better estimate yield.

–Shaker Ridge Vineyard