Vineyard Gallery as of 8-23-11


Barbera vineyard looking from north on 8-22-11.  We don’t think we’ve ever seen the barbera vines looking this good so late in the season.  Though not visible from this distant shot, veraison is in progress.

Primitivo vineyard looking from west on 8-23-11.  Generally healthy vines and veraison well underway.

A grape-laden primitivo vine on 8-23-11.  This one is on the back hilltop which runs ahead of the rest of the primitivo vineyard in ripening, but illustrating that dark grapes really are on their way!


Looking down a row of the Portugese varietal vineyard (the Quinta) on 8-23-11.  This vineyard is completely netted with overhead netting at this point to protect from birds.