Vineyard Gallery 5-22-14

primitivo vine 5-18-14

Primitivo vine subsequent to shoot-thinning on 5-18-14.


rainbow over barbera 5-21-14b

Rainbow over barbera vineyard following what may be our last rain event for months on 5-21-14.


touriga cluster May 2014

Touriga cluster in “bloom” on 5-20-14.

Quinta May 2014

“Quinta” vineyard following shoot thinning on 5-20-14.  A touriga nacional row is on left, tempranillo on right.

Vineyard Gallery 8-6-12

Tempranillo on 8-6-12.  Tempranillo is our earliest ripening red grape,

and is protected by overhead bird netting.

Touriga nacional (Quinta) on 8-6-12.  Our Quinta touriga is protected by overhead

bird netting.


Primitivo on 8-6-12.  Primitivo is one of our earlier-ripening varieties and was helped

along by aggressive cluster thinning in late July.


Barbera vines on 8-6-12.  Veraison has only recently commenced and is in progress

in this Montevina clone vine.  Extensive cluster thinning was completed in mid-July.