Current Grape Availability as of 9-29-11

 Once committed orders are filled for a given varietal, we will immediately post availability, if any, of additional grapes.  There is a reasonably good chance that there will be additional barbera.


Amount Still Available for Sale

Expected Optimal Harvest Time

Price ($)/lb

(<1000 lb/ > 1000 lb)


Sold Out

Early-Mid October



Sold Out

Late September-Early October



Sold Out

Late October


Mixed Port Grapes

Sold Out-IPO Complete

Mid October


* We are currently  accepting wait list requests for barbera and primitivo.  No deposit, no obligation, and we’ll inform you (depending on order on wait list–first come, first served) if there is fruit available for sale after all current orders have been filled.


**2009 grafted.

***Fixed price of $200 per share.

Port Grape “Shares”  for Sale

Available for sale for the first time are shares in the 2011 production of our “port” vineyard consisting of (in expected order of decreasing proportion) touriga nacional, tempranillo, tinto cao, souzao, and tinta amarella.  A share ($200) entitles the holder to 10% of the 2011 production of each varietal from our 2005-planted estate “port” vineyard that we call The Quinta.  The grapes are, in fact, suitable for both dry and dessert style wines.  This is a unique opportunity for persons working on a home winemaking scale to easily access, in one-stop fashion, the blend of relatively obscure varietal grapes that would go into a Portuguese port-style wine.  Such wines are notable for their complexity and ability to age well.