Current Grapes Available 10/2/21

VarietalAmount Still Available for Sale (tons)Expected Optimal Harvest TimePrice
(< 0.5 tons)
(0.5 ton or more)
BarberaSOLD OUTearly-mid Sept$1.00/lb$0.95/lb
PrimitivoSOLD OUTearly Sept$1.00/lb$0.85/lb
Touriga (Quinta*)SOLD OUTmid Sept$1.15/lb$1.05/lb
Touriga (Non-Quinta*)0.5late Sept-early Oct$1.00/lb$0.95/lb
Muscat BlancSOLD OUTlate Aug$1.00/lbNA
SouzaoSOLD OUTmid-late Sept$1.00/lbNA
TempranilloSOLD OUTearly Sept$1.00/lbNA
Tinta AmarelaSOLD OUTmid-late Sept$1.00/lb$0.95/lb
Tinta CaoSOLD OUTmid-late Sept$1.00/lbNA
*”Quinta” refers to our block of 5 Iberian varietals planted in 2005; this is the Touriga Nacional from that block. “Non-Quinta” refers to Touriga Nacional grown in other blocks. **Remaining fruit is late-harvest fruit: