Current Grape Availability as of 5-31-17

Varietal Amount Still Available for Sale (tons) Expected Optimal Harvest Time Price ($)/lb

(>1000 lb/ < 1000 lb)

Barbera SOLD OUT*** Early-Mid Sept 0.95/1.00
Primitivo SOLD OUT*** Early Sept 0.95/1.00
Tempranillo* SOLD OUT Early Sept 1.00
Quinta** SOLD OUT Mid-Late Sept 1.05/1.20
 Touriga* 0.85 Mid-Late Sept 1.00./1.10

*Non-Quinta=Portugese varietals not part of Quinta field.

**The Quinta = touriga nacional, tempranillo, tinta cao, souzao, tinta amarela field planted in 2005

***Wait list requests accepted; current list shown below.  Note:  Don’t be discouraged.  Clients prefer certainty, so some ahead of you may secure fruit elsewhere or go in a different direction before offered the fruit.


Priority Position         Client Initials               Amount Requested (tons)

#1                                  E.G.                               2.0

#2                                  D.V.                               0.5

#3                                  W.P.                               0.5-0.75


Priority Position         Client Initials               Amount Requested (tons)

#1                                 R.S.                               0.5-0.6

#2                                 A.B.                               0.3

#3                                 T.R.                                0.5+ (late harvest)