Current Grape Availability as of 7-8-17

Varietal Amount Still Available for Sale (tons) Expected Optimal Harvest Time Price ($)/lb

(>1000 lb/ < 1000 lb)

Barbera SOLD OUT*** Early-Mid Sept 0.95/1.00
Primitivo SOLD OUT*** Early Sept 0.95/1.00
Tempranillo* SOLD OUT Early Sept 1.00
Quinta** SOLD OUT Mid-Late Sept 1.05/1.20
 Touriga* 0.35 Mid-Late Sept 1.00./1.10

*Non-Quinta=Portugese varietals not part of Quinta field.

**The Quinta = touriga nacional, tempranillo, tinta cao, souzao, tinta amarela field planted in 2005

***Wait list requests accepted; current list shown below.  Note:  Don’t be discouraged.  Clients prefer certainty, so some ahead of you may secure fruit elsewhere or go in a different direction before offered the fruit.

Update:  Fruit set looks excellent in primitivo and good in the barbera.  We expect to be able to provide fruit to our current primitivo waitlist clients, and possibly to some barbera clients, and will confirm at the point of greater certainty.


Priority Position         Client Initials               Amount Requested (tons)

#1                                  E.G.                               2.0

#2                                  D.V.                               0.5

#3                                  W.P.                               0.5-0.75


Priority Position         Client Initials               Amount Requested (tons)

#1                                 R.S.                               0.5-0.6

#2                                 A.B.                               0.3

#3                                 T.R.                                0.5+ (late harvest)